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A 11.11.11 Wedding

This week we finished a wedding and we would love to show you some footage from it! This wedding was on November 11, 2011 which is as you already know, 11.11.11! This Wedding reception was a blast to be at and we were so blessed to be apart of it. The wedding was held at Dinolfo’s of Mokena. Along with the bride being beautiful, the room was very exquisite!

This video is of the bride’s preparation. This is only her before the ceremony getting ready. If you would like to learn more about our services please contact us! We hope you enjoy!

Chicago Wedding Videographer Gets Great Review!

This week we received a great wedding videographer review! The couple was Amanda and Michael from Chicago! Their wedding was on a gorgeous day in Chicago and we could not have asked for a better turn out!

When we received their review, we were in love with it! Their review states who we are as a company to the “T”

Josh was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was very responsive and professional with his services. His never got in the way and as crazy as it sounds, we forgot he was even around sometimes, which is the ultimate compliment for a videographer.

Their reception was held at Germania Place in the city. This place was gorgeous and the room was very well decorated with flowers. The most amazing part of this room was the way the sun light came through the windows onto the cake. It made the area look so amazing and could take your breathe away!

Please watch a little video of the wedding here. If you are interested in having JKS Productions video your wedding please contact us!


Palos Heights Wedding Video | July 2010

JKS Productions is very excited to announce that we have finished the post-production work of John and Chelsey’s Wedding! It has been three weeks since the wedding on July 30th, and we have gotten all the footage edited already! We have put in over 50 hours of editing into this wedding, and it sure has paid off!

We wanted to let all of those Bride and Grooms out there see the footage from the night so you can get an idea of what we can do for your upcoming wedding. Here, you can see a little compilation video of what went on that day! If you would like to see the full DVD, please contact us at Info@JKSProductions.com and we can make an arrangement. Remember, this is only a 1/4 of the footage! The DVD is over 2 hours long!

Please feel free to leave us a comment! We would love to hear from you!