Production of Love. Music Video

This past weekend, JKS Productions got the incredible opportunity to shoot a Music Video! We have never done this before, but when we heard about an artist interested in making one, we went for it! We had a great time! We got to work with an incredible artist named Matt Swaringim. Matt is from St. Louis, Missouri and he was willing to drive 5+ hours to Chicago to shoot the Music Video, and let me say I am so glad he did!

Matt wanted to make a Music Video to his new single called Love. We got some great locations around Tinley Park and Orland Park, Illinois so it looked amazing. I want to personaly thank everyone who was in the Music Video. We could not have done it with out all the hard work of the Cast, Crew and all the Extras! I also want to thank Sam & Jake’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor for letting us film the opening scene in their Parlor. It wouldn’t have turned out so good if it wasn’t for them!

Right now the video is in Post-Production but soon it will be live for everyone to see! When we get it all finished, I hope you guys will watch it and share it with all of your friends!

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  1. Kristen Darling says:

    Thanks so much for allowing me to help out! It was a lot of fun!

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