JKS Productions Receives another 5-Star Review!

We are very excited to release this week’s 5-Star Review! This review is from Steve and Kaitlyn Dykstra whose wedding was on April 16, 2011. The wedding was in Dyer, Indiana at the Casa Maria. It was an amazing opportunity for us to film this wedding as the groom was none other than Steve Dykstra from Operation Getdown DJs! We have a video of the introductions he made up here called the Best Wedding Introductions Ever! Here is what Kaitlyn Dykstra had to say about our work on their wedding!

Josh Siegers was amazing! He did a phenomenal job working with us from start to finish to make sure our DVDs were everything we wanted. He’s a charismatic individual who truly loves the work he performs. We’ve been referring him to all of our friends and family and definitely recommend him to you! A++++

We have worked many weddings with Steve and Operation Getdown and know there will be more to come! This wedding was beautiful with elegant up lighting, gorgeous cake, and a beautiful bride. Steve and Kaitlyn (Lyzenga) Dykstra are a dear family friend of JKS Productions which made it an even more remarkable night!

You can also checkout the dancing video from the wedding!

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