JKS Productions films -“The Best Wedding Introduction of 2011″

On April 16th, 2011 our Dyer Indiana Wedding Videographers worked with Steve and Kaitlyn Dykstra (Lyzenga) on one of the biggest weddings of 2011. JKS Productions got the opportunity to film this wedding and it was such an honor. We  filmed the introductions with two cameras and put them together into one video with a another video made by the groom, Stevie Dee from Operation Getdown, that played on the jumbotron in the ballroom. The reception was held at Casa Maria Banquets. The room had many up-lights on the brick walls that made the room pop. In our opinion, the reception could not have gone any better! The food was amazing, guests were having a great time and the lighting was amazing!


Please check out the the The Best Wedding Introduction of 2011! This will allow you to get a close look into Steve and Kaitlyns Wedding Reception! To get more info about this video or how we can help you create one just like it, visit our contact page!

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