JKS Actor/Actress Audition Video

This past weekend we had the opportunity to film an Actress’ Audition Video. This video will be sent to producers in Las Angeles and help her get a role in an upcoming movie. Her agent told her that High Definition Audition Tapes would help her to get the part, so she called us to help her out!

JKS Productions teamed up with a Director, Stephen Tuplin, from Joliet. Stephen Directed the actress off camera to make sure that the performance would be great. The work done by both of them was phoneminal. To view a sample of the audition, please click play below! Remember this is High Definition video and audio.

We plan on teaming up again in the future for more Actor and Actress auditions. If you are an inspiring Actor or Actress in the Chicagoland Area in need of High Quality Audio and High Definition Video, please email us at Info@JKSProductions.com.

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