Dan and Kimmy’s Indiana Wedding

Here at JKS Productions, 2014 has been an amazing year already! We can not thank everyone enough for an amazing year already and are excited to see what else will come of it!

This March, we had the privilege to film the wedding of Dan and Kimmy Z. The two of them are such an amazing couple and we grew so close to this couple. But really, anyone who talks with them will instantly love them and become really close to them.

As a surprise from the groom, we got to do a Same Day Edit for this couple.  A same day edit is when we play a video for the bride and groom at the reception hall. The video that we played was amazing and all the friends and family at the wedding loved the video.  Not only did the family and friends love it but so did the bride who had no idea about it.  Below is the video that played at the reception!

We got to post another video for the Bride and Groom as well. This video was of the Bride singing a song at her wedding.  Not only did she sound amazing, but she also looked beautiful singing it! Check it out below and beware it might bring on some tears!

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