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Dan and Kimmy’s Indiana Wedding

Here at JKS Productions, 2014 has been an amazing year already! We can not thank everyone enough for an amazing year already and are excited to see what else will come of it!

This March, we had the privilege to film the wedding of Dan and Kimmy Z. The two of them are such an amazing couple and we grew so close to this couple. But really, anyone who talks with them will instantly love them and become really close to them.

As a surprise from the groom, we got to do a Same Day Edit for this couple.  A same day edit is when we play a video for the bride and groom at the reception hall. The video that we played was amazing and all the friends and family at the wedding loved the video.  Not only did the family and friends love it but so did the bride who had no idea about it.  Below is the video that played at the reception!

We got to post another video for the Bride and Groom as well. This video was of the Bride singing a song at her wedding.  Not only did she sound amazing, but she also looked beautiful singing it! Check it out below and beware it might bring on some tears!

Chicago Christian High School

This week, we would like to show you a video that we got to work on for a Private High School in Palos Heights. Chicago Christian is a great high school and we were blessed to be able to help them out with this video. This video is on their website and we hope you enjoy it!

Homer Glen Sweet 16

We are excited to congratulate Lilyanna for turning 16! We had the privilege of serving as her videographer at her sweet 16!

The Sweet 16 was held in Homer Glen, IL at Dinolfo’s Banquets. The room was elegently decorted and Stevie Dee with Operation Getdown really kept the dance floor going all night long! Please take a few minutes here to watch the highlights from the night! If you are interested in having us film your next Sweet 16, please contact us!

Videos for Orland Park Church

We have been working with Orland Park Church for 6 years now and we are loving every minute of it! Our job at the church is to video anything they need for their website or sunday services. We promote special events with videos and even print. We work along side the staff and pastors to make sure the videos they need illustrate what they want. Here is a quick picture of us working with the pastor to decide what shot will be next.

This past week the pastors at the church asked us to film a video that will be used in the sermon to talk about trains and how they can be related to our daily walk in faith. If we would get on the wrong train and wrong track, we will end up at the wrong destination.

Please take a second to watch this small video that was played in the sermon to illustrate the trains.



Gems Leadership Conference 2012 Video

GEMS Girls’ Clubs is a relationship-building club program created especially for girls. GEMS Clubs are offered in local churches and other Christian organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada.   JKS Productions was asked by them to film and edit a video for Gems that will promote a conference in 2012. This conference will be held here in Chicago! They use these conferences to talk about the next years studies and what will be taught to the girls that year.

It was back in mid March that we went downtown and filmed shots of iconic landmarks in the city. These shots were incorporated into the video in some way. There are two versions of the video and the one below is the one that will be on their website for all the leaders to watch over and over. You get to view it first here! The video that is not on the web is one that was shown at the conference in mid July. Please watch the video below and spread it around to those you know who will be attending in GEMS 2012!


If you would like to learn more about this video please head to Gems’ Website.

Corporate Videos for Affiliated Steam and Hot Water in Alsip Illinois

Affiliated Steam and Hot Water is the Midwest’s largest distributor of steam and hot water products. When you are the largest in the Midwest, you need to show your customers that your facility is run at top notch every day. Affiliated Steam contacted us interested in filming a set of videos that would display on their website. These videos would highlight different aspects of their company including the workers, parts, services, and high quality services. We have shot and edited two of them already and would like to show them to you here!

This first video is an over view of their newly inherited barcode system. To help make sure everything they have in their shop is going to the right person they use barcodes on everything.

The next video we have done for them is illustrating their control valves and how fast they can get them to their client. Other steam distrubutors will take 4-6 weeks to deliver a control valve but Affiliated can get them to the customer in 1 to 2 days.



Please checkout Affiliated Steams website to order parts or just to let them know we sent you!

If you are interested in completing videos similar to this one for your company website, please send us an email to

JKS Actor/Actress Audition Video

This past weekend we had the opportunity to film an Actress’ Audition Video. This video will be sent to producers in Las Angeles and help her get a role in an upcoming movie. Her agent told her that High Definition Audition Tapes would help her to get the part, so she called us to help her out!

JKS Productions teamed up with a Director, Stephen Tuplin, from Joliet. Stephen Directed the actress off camera to make sure that the performance would be great. The work done by both of them was phoneminal. To view a sample of the audition, please click play below! Remember this is High Definition video and audio.

We plan on teaming up again in the future for more Actor and Actress auditions. If you are an inspiring Actor or Actress in the Chicagoland Area in need of High Quality Audio and High Definition Video, please email us at

Great Testimonial from Smitty’s Tree Service

This past summer, JKS Productions was asked to take pictures for Smitty’s Tree Service. They are a great tree and arbor service in the Alsip area and have a great clientele. They specialize in know how to treat their customers well and get the job done right the first time.

We took over 350 pictures for them and video taped them working. Soon, they will be integrating them into their flyers, advertisements, and website. We received a great testimonial letter from them, and we would like to share it with our customers. The letter is below.

(to view larger please click picture)

If you would like to leanr more about Smitty’s Tree Service, please go to To contact us, email

Surprise 50th Birthday

JKS Productions had a great opportunity to film and photograph a Surprise 50th Birthday Party! It was a lot of fun and we got to meet a lot of great people!

The night started out with everyone getting ready and talking about the evening that awaited them. The “birthday boy” thought that the party was a sweet 16 for his daughter, but once he turned the corner with his daughter on his arm, he saw that it was all of his friends and relatives!

Once he got there, everything started and it was a great night! There was performances all night by the friends and family of the birthday boy.

Stay tuned for more pictures and videos of the night. We have over 3 hours of footage from the night so we have got a lot of editing to do! If you are having a birthday soon, and you want someone to film it and take pictures, send us an email to

Smitty’s Tree Service Photo Shoot

Last week, JKS Productions got the incredible opportunity to take pictures for Smittys Tree Service. Smitty’s Tree Service, Inc. has been providing Chicago and the Suburbs with tree services for many years. They can do anything from Tree Removal, Trimming, Fertilization, and even Storm Damage. If you need something done with your trees, feel free to call Smittys! Vistit their website at

We were very excited to work with them, and the outcome was great! We took some pictures of their crews working and even took a lot of video of the day. Soon, this video will be made into an advertisement for on their website. We will update you for when this is done and live! Below, are some of the pictures we took of the day. If you are interested in letting JKS Productions film or photograph your Chicago Business, shoot us an email to and we will get back to you!

JKS Productions 1st 1,000+ Hit Video!

JKS Productions has uploaded a Music Video to Youtube, and in less than a week (6 days) the video has gotten 1000+ views! That is amazing! Some people wouldn’t even bat an eye at that many, but us at JKS Productions are proud of every single view! We are so blessed to have so many viewers and blessed to have gotten the opportunity to shoot the video for Matt Swaringim. If you would like to know more about Matt, or get a CD from the band, go to or! To help this music video get more hits, watch it and then post it to your Facebook or Twitter! We would appreciate it!

If you would like this Music Video on DVD, please contact us at and we will hook you up!

Love. Music Video is Live!

We are very excited to announce that the music video that JKS Productions has been working on for nearly a month, is up and ready to be watched! View it below!

Josh Siegers and Matt Swaringim teamed up to make a music video for one of Matt’s hit singles called Love. This song is available on ITunes Here. Matt has been going all over the US to camps, and having live concerts! He is a great guy and has a great musical talent! If you would like to know more about Matt, you can go to and check out all of his other songs.

You may think that making a music video is very easy, but it takes tons of pre-production work! We had to scout all of out locations before shooting there. You never know what could go wrong! Thankfully, we had nothing go terribly wrong for us! Matt and Josh worked on a script for a week straight prior to shooting, and yet the script changed the day of shooting. All of the changes were for the better though!

If you would like us to make a music video for you, drop us an email at, and we will start planning it!

Palos Wedding Videography | July 2010

On July 30th, JKS Productions got the opportunity to film John and Chelsey Siegers’ (Wirta) wedding at Palos Country Club, in Palos Heights, IL.  We got to film everything from the Cutting of the Cake, to the Chip & Dale Groomsmen!

We started off the night at Chelsey’s and then we made our way to a beautiful, outdoor wedding at Palos Country Club. Rain was a threat but thankfully, the wedding still went on with not a drop of rain! It was a gorgeous wedding with great scenery!

From the ceremony, we went inside the ballroom for cocktail hour. The evening started with the introductions then straight to the cutting of the cake. Once the delicious dinner had ended, it was time for the first dances to start!  After the first dances, it was time to open the dance floor and let Stevie Dee, from Operation Getdown DJ’s, do his thing!

If you are interested in having JKS Productions film your Chicago Wedding, email us at for more information!

Production of Love. Music Video

This past weekend, JKS Productions got the incredible opportunity to shoot a Music Video! We have never done this before, but when we heard about an artist interested in making one, we went for it! We had a great time! We got to work with an incredible artist named Matt Swaringim. Matt is from St. Louis, Missouri and he was willing to drive 5+ hours to Chicago to shoot the Music Video, and let me say I am so glad he did!

Matt wanted to make a Music Video to his new single called Love. We got some great locations around Tinley Park and Orland Park, Illinois so it looked amazing. I want to personaly thank everyone who was in the Music Video. We could not have done it with out all the hard work of the Cast, Crew and all the Extras! I also want to thank Sam & Jake’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor for letting us film the opening scene in their Parlor. It wouldn’t have turned out so good if it wasn’t for them!

Right now the video is in Post-Production but soon it will be live for everyone to see! When we get it all finished, I hope you guys will watch it and share it with all of your friends!