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August 2011 Family Portrait Session

This week we had the delight of working with the Guth family! Plenty of laughing occurred which made the pictures turn out amazing! When a family can act like they do on a normal basis it makes for a great shoot! I hope you enjoy looking through the various pictures below! If you are interested in a family shoot please let us know!




8th Grade Photo Shoot in Frankfort IL

It is once again summer which means it’s a great time for photo shoots! We got the great opportunity to take Grant’s 8th grade pictures. These were taken at a near by garden center in Frankfort, IL. We went and shot about 200 pictures and were having so much fun that we lost track of time. We spent about 2 hours that day and we are so glad both the photographer and subject were troopers in the hot weather!


Thanks to Grant working in the heat all summe long, he did not sweat as much as we did. This made it easy for us! We hope to get this same opportunity soon!

If you are interested in a Frankfort 8th Grade Photographer please send us an email by clicking here!

Senior Portrait | Tinley Park

We are back into the swing of things with Senior Portraits! As the Chicagoland area has been hit with 20+ inches of snow, it was a great time to get out and take some portraits! We got the opportunity to take Katie’s Senior Portraits and all 150 of the pictures turned out amazing! She was a great subject and the day she picked couldn’t have been better!

Katie | Senior Portraits | JKS Productions

Katie | Senior Portraits | JKS Productions

We met at Lake Katherine in Palos Heights and took the pictures for a good hour. It was very cold, but Katie was a great sport and it didn’t even phase her!  She had two changes of clothes that were totally different. She knew just what she wanted to see in the pictures which is great for the photographer. Its not our job to dress the subject but to pose them!

Katie | Senior Portraits | JKS Productions

Katie | Senior Portraits | JKS Productions

Katie | Senior Portraits | JKS Productions

Katie | Senior Portraits | JKS Productions

Katie | Senior Portraits | JKS Productions

Katie | Senior Portraits | JKS Productions

Katie | Senior Portraits | JKS Productions

Katie | Senior Portraits | JKS Productions

Katie | Senior Portraits | JKS Productions

Katie | Senior Portraits | JKS Productions

Thanks to all the viewers and if you are interested in contacting us for any reason, send us an email to

December 20th Photo Shoot

This winter has been a cold and snowy one for us here is the Chicago South Suburbs! With it almost being Christmas, last minute shopping and gift warping are keeping us busy, but we still got the time to head out for a Wintry Senior Photo Shoot! It was a lot of fun to take pictures in the cold but it also made it hard to stay warm. Good thing for warm cars and warm clothes.

Orland Park Winter Senior Photo Shoot

Orland Park Winter Senior Photo Shoot

We went to Lake Katherine and took over 180 pictures. Snow lightly covered the ground which made things bright and vibrant. When you have a shoot, it will take a couple of minutes for you to connect well with the subject and find out who they are, so once we found out who she was, there was no stoping us! As you can see she made some great snow angels!

Winter Photo Shoot

Winter Photo Shoot

Winter Photo Shoot

Winter Photo Shoot

Winter Photo Shoot

Winter Photo Shoot

Winter Photo Shoot

Winter Photo Shoot

If you would like us to take a Winter Senior Photo Shoot of you, please send us an email to!

Family Portraits | Palos Heights

This week, JKS Productions shot a Family Portrait. The client wanted some shots with the whole family and then shots of just the kids. We had a very sunny day to shoot on which made things a little bit difficult. We are still extremely pleased with how the pictures turned out!

If you are interested in getting family pictures done, you should think of a couple things before you go. You want to make sure that the whole group is wearing the same colors or similar colors. You don’t want one person wearing a yellow and then another wearing a black color. Next you want to come up with shots you know you will like. Once you have a couple picked out, tell the photographer. You will want to show them the picture frame you have in mind so that it will make the job of the photographer easier.

If you would like us to take your Family Portraits, send us an email to

Senior Portraits | Palos Heights

JKS Productions has been insanely busy for the past 3 weeks! We are finally getting the chance to post some of the work we got to do! One of the events we did was another Senior Portraits shoot. It was a beautiful day in Palos Heights and we took advantage of it!

It is so much fun to shoot in the Fall with all of the leaves falling and all of the nice vibrant colors. We are so excited that we had two shoots on the same day to catch the great fall weather. If may be the last time we get that opportunity! If you would like to squeeze in a Fall Photo Shoot, send us a email to

Family Photo Shoot | September 25th, 2010

Fall has officially begun! Its time to get out and get a photo shoot done with all the colors in the trees and leaves! The only disadvantage of shooting in the fall, is that it can be really warm one day, and then snow the next! You wont know exactly what to wear to stay warm, but let me say that it will be well worth it!

Our most recent Orland Park Photo Shoot was a great one! We had great weather, and a great family! We had no idea that the weather was going to be so nice for us, but we lucked out and got one of the nicest days to take pictures. Below, you can check out a few of the pictures from the day, and if you would like us to take your next Family Portraits, email us at for more information!

Brookside Landscaping Photo Shoot

Are you a Professional Service Business in the Chicago-land area that hates having to go out and take pictures for your website? I am sure that if you know a company that does their own pictures, it is with a little point and shoot camera. Taking them with this kind of camera makes them low quality and have poor lighting. If you are a Professional Business, you want your pictures to be high quality and eye catching. Let JKS Productions help you make your website a ton more appealing with high quality pictures that are extremely appealing!

Brookside Landscaping in New Lenox IL, gave us a call asking us if we were interested in taking pictures of their work. We had never gotten the opportunity to take pictures of non moving, but still living objects and of custom pavers before, so we jumped at the opportunity and got everything rolling for them! We hope you look at the pictures and think of them being on your Professional Website as well. They will add a lot of color to the site, and a lot of professionalism. Please contact us at if you would like us to spice up your website!

Michigan Photo Shoot

Over the weekend, JKS Productions got the opportunity to take pictures of Marcy and her two year old pup named Lila. We are so excited to have gotten the opportunity! We were both on vacation at Big Star Lake in Baldwin Michigan. It is a great area to take pictures and am so glad we both have a cottage there!

JKS Productions took Marcy’s Senior Portraits back in 2009, and they turned out awesome! She loved them so much, she wanted to get more pictures with her little dog. Below, you can see some of the shots we took of them both. If you are interested in letting JKS Productions take pictures for you, contact us at

Smitty’s Tree Service Photo Shoot

Last week, JKS Productions got the incredible opportunity to take pictures for Smittys Tree Service. Smitty’s Tree Service, Inc. has been providing Chicago and the Suburbs with tree services for many years. They can do anything from Tree Removal, Trimming, Fertilization, and even Storm Damage. If you need something done with your trees, feel free to call Smittys! Vistit their website at

We were very excited to work with them, and the outcome was great! We took some pictures of their crews working and even took a lot of video of the day. Soon, this video will be made into an advertisement for on their website. We will update you for when this is done and live! Below, are some of the pictures we took of the day. If you are interested in letting JKS Productions film or photograph your Chicago Business, shoot us an email to and we will get back to you!

Family Portraits-Kuipers

Families! Its a great time to take a BIG family picture! The Kuipers Family took advantage of the great weather and came away with some great pictures! The best weather, is when it is cloudy and it was partly cloudy for us which made it great! We had some shots with and without sun! There were close to 18 people in the pictures! We had a great time and think that it went very well! It is a lot harder to take group pictures, than it is to take senior pictures, but we got the job done within 2 hours! We had so much fun taking the pictures for them, that we would love to help you out with your Family Portraits as well! If you would like JKS Productions to take your Family’s Pictures, please send us an email to and we will get back to you!

Senior Portraits-Sam Lardino

Summer is over! How fast did that go! If you are a Senior that didn’t get your pictures taken, give us a call as soon as your can so you can take advantage of our summer discounts! This well end September 14! We were asked to take Sam’s Senior Portraits and they turned out so well! Sam plays football in high school, so we thought it was only appropriate that we do some jersey shots as well as casual garb. We think all of the 200 pictures turned out great! Below, you can see some of the shots we took. If you are interested in letting JKS Productions take your Senior Portraits, email us at

Family Portraits – August 2010

Is it hard for you to get the whole family dressed up for pictures, then get them posed just right for the shot? While after that, you still have to set the camera up to take the picture in 5 seconds while you hustle to get into the shot. Well, to save you all the hassle, let JKS Productions help you with your Family Portraits! We will help pose the whole group, and take the shots needed! We love to work with kids, and get their fun sides! JKS Productions got the opportunity to take Family Portrait shots, and here are some of the pictures! If you would like us to take your family shots, email us at

Senior Portraits – Jordan Von Borstel

JKS Productions has got one more Senior Portraits in the bag! It was a great day to shoot Jordan! We thought rain was going to cancel the shoot, but clouds over head did not rain on us! After about 45 minutes of shooting, the sun started to peer out of the clouds ever so often, which did not help! It was hard for Jordan to keep her eyes open! We went to Lake Katherine, in Palos Heights, IL. Lake Katherine is JKS Productions favorite site to take pictures at. They have a nice lake with a beautiful waterfall! If you are interested in taking pictures here, you can check out our pictures or go to to learn more about it!

Jordan was “on the ball“, and brought more than 4 outfits to wear for this shoot! That makes it a lot better for a photographer. We can have a variety of shots with a variety of wardrobes! If you are planing on a photo shoot soon, you may want to ask the photographer how many changes of clothes you should bring. Some will have a limit to how many outfits, but JKS Productions doesn’t!

Below you will see a couple of the pictures we took of Jordan. You can comment on them, or contact us at if you are interested in a photo shoot!

Senior Portraits – Jason Vander Laan

This week has been a very busy week for us at JKS Productions. We shot Jason’s Senior Portraits on Monday, and had great some weather! There was a chance of rain all day, but with clouds in the sky and no rain, it was a great day for a photo shoot! You may be wondering why a photo shoot on a cloudy day is so great. We love it because the subject will not be squinting in the shots, and the sun is a very different color then our flash on our camera. If we only have the flash as our source of light, it will make everything look so much better!  We went all over to locations we had never been to before, and yet it went amazing! You can check out some of the shots below and let us know if you are interested in us taking your Senior Portraits. You can schedule an appointment by emailing us at

Vicki Drenth-Senior Portraits

JKS Productions got the opportunity, once again, to take Senior Portraits for a client. It was a hot day, but we managed and got tons of great shots! We went to the Worth Water Filtration Center on Harlem Ave. Neither of us had ever ben there, so it took us a little bit to find places to take the pictures. Once we got on a roll, the pictures started to look beautiful! We continued to take pictures for about an hour and got about 200 pictures total that all look great! When we finished the shoot, we made our way into the studio to edit the pictures. The pictures turned out amazing! Look for yourself below!

If you would like us to take your Senior Portraits, you can contact us at and we will send you more information!

Senior Photo Shoot (July 24)

How does it feel to be a Senior in High School? Well for one, you are finally about to graduate which is very exciting! Secondly, being a Senior will be the best year of school you will ever have! It will go by so fast, but it is one that you will always remember!

Now you need to get pictures taken so that later in life, you will know how you looked when you were a Senior in High School. Well we, at JKS Productions, got the chance to help a client do just that! See the pictures below and if you are interested in us helping you out with your Senior Pictures, email us at