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Love. Music Video is Live!

We are very excited to announce that the music video that JKS Productions has been working on for nearly a month, is up and ready to be watched! View it below!

Josh Siegers and Matt Swaringim teamed up to make a music video for one of Matt’s hit singles called Love. This song is available on ITunes Here. Matt has been going all over the US to camps, and having live concerts! He is a great guy and has a great musical talent! If you would like to know more about Matt, you can go to and check out all of his other songs.

You may think that making a music video is very easy, but it takes tons of pre-production work! We had to scout all of out locations before shooting there. You never know what could go wrong! Thankfully, we had nothing go terribly wrong for us! Matt and Josh worked on a script for a week straight prior to shooting, and yet the script changed the day of shooting. All of the changes were for the better though!

If you would like us to make a music video for you, drop us an email at, and we will start planning it!

Palos Wedding Videography | July 2010

On July 30th, JKS Productions got the opportunity to film John and Chelsey Siegers’ (Wirta) wedding at Palos Country Club, in Palos Heights, IL.  We got to film everything from the Cutting of the Cake, to the Chip & Dale Groomsmen!

We started off the night at Chelsey’s and then we made our way to a beautiful, outdoor wedding at Palos Country Club. Rain was a threat but thankfully, the wedding still went on with not a drop of rain! It was a gorgeous wedding with great scenery!

From the ceremony, we went inside the ballroom for cocktail hour. The evening started with the introductions then straight to the cutting of the cake. Once the delicious dinner had ended, it was time for the first dances to start!  After the first dances, it was time to open the dance floor and let Stevie Dee, from Operation Getdown DJ’s, do his thing!

If you are interested in having JKS Productions film your Chicago Wedding, email us at for more information!

Senior Photo Shoot (July 24)

How does it feel to be a Senior in High School? Well for one, you are finally about to graduate which is very exciting! Secondly, being a Senior will be the best year of school you will ever have! It will go by so fast, but it is one that you will always remember!

Now you need to get pictures taken so that later in life, you will know how you looked when you were a Senior in High School. Well we, at JKS Productions, got the chance to help a client do just that! See the pictures below and if you are interested in us helping you out with your Senior Pictures, email us at

Production of Love. Music Video

This past weekend, JKS Productions got the incredible opportunity to shoot a Music Video! We have never done this before, but when we heard about an artist interested in making one, we went for it! We had a great time! We got to work with an incredible artist named Matt Swaringim. Matt is from St. Louis, Missouri and he was willing to drive 5+ hours to Chicago to shoot the Music Video, and let me say I am so glad he did!

Matt wanted to make a Music Video to his new single called Love. We got some great locations around Tinley Park and Orland Park, Illinois so it looked amazing. I want to personaly thank everyone who was in the Music Video. We could not have done it with out all the hard work of the Cast, Crew and all the Extras! I also want to thank Sam & Jake’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor for letting us film the opening scene in their Parlor. It wouldn’t have turned out so good if it wasn’t for them!

Right now the video is in Post-Production but soon it will be live for everyone to see! When we get it all finished, I hope you guys will watch it and share it with all of your friends!

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