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Gems Leadership Conference 2012 Video

GEMS Girls’ Clubs is a relationship-building club program created especially for girls. GEMS Clubs are offered in local churches and other Christian organizations throughout the U.S. and Canada.   JKS Productions was asked by them to film and edit a video for Gems that will promote a conference in 2012. This conference will be held here in Chicago! They use these conferences to talk about the next years studies and what will be taught to the girls that year.

It was back in mid March that we went downtown and filmed shots of iconic landmarks in the city. These shots were incorporated into the video in some way. There are two versions of the video and the one below is the one that will be on their website for all the leaders to watch over and over. You get to view it first here! The video that is not on the web is one that was shown at the conference in mid July. Please watch the video below and spread it around to those you know who will be attending in GEMS 2012!


If you would like to learn more about this video please head to Gems’ Website.

JKS Productions Receives another 5-Star Review!

We are very excited to release this week’s 5-Star Review! This review is from Steve and Kaitlyn Dykstra whose wedding was on April 16, 2011. The wedding was in Dyer, Indiana at the Casa Maria. It was an amazing opportunity for us to film this wedding as the groom was none other than Steve Dykstra from Operation Getdown DJs! We have a video of the introductions he made up here called the Best Wedding Introductions Ever! Here is what Kaitlyn Dykstra had to say about our work on their wedding!

Josh Siegers was amazing! He did a phenomenal job working with us from start to finish to make sure our DVDs were everything we wanted. He’s a charismatic individual who truly loves the work he performs. We’ve been referring him to all of our friends and family and definitely recommend him to you! A++++

We have worked many weddings with Steve and Operation Getdown and know there will be more to come! This wedding was beautiful with elegant up lighting, gorgeous cake, and a beautiful bride. Steve and Kaitlyn (Lyzenga) Dykstra are a dear family friend of JKS Productions which made it an even more remarkable night!

You can also checkout the dancing video from the wedding!

Corporate Videos for Affiliated Steam and Hot Water in Alsip Illinois

Affiliated Steam and Hot Water is the Midwest’s largest distributor of steam and hot water products. When you are the largest in the Midwest, you need to show your customers that your facility is run at top notch every day. Affiliated Steam contacted us interested in filming a set of videos that would display on their website. These videos would highlight different aspects of their company including the workers, parts, services, and high quality services. We have shot and edited two of them already and would like to show them to you here!

This first video is an over view of their newly inherited barcode system. To help make sure everything they have in their shop is going to the right person they use barcodes on everything.

The next video we have done for them is illustrating their control valves and how fast they can get them to their client. Other steam distrubutors will take 4-6 weeks to deliver a control valve but Affiliated can get them to the customer in 1 to 2 days.



Please checkout Affiliated Steams website to order parts or just to let them know we sent you!

If you are interested in completing videos similar to this one for your company website, please send us an email to

JKS Productions Receives Another 5-Star Review!

We have received another great review from Timothy and Amy Dykstra! It was a great privilege for us to film this wedding in Northwest Indiana. We were contacted by their wedding coordinator, Jori Leeson, from Memorable Events located in Schereville Indiana. We enjoyed working closely with Jori to make sure the Wedding Day would be a successful one for Timothy and Amy.

Check out what Timothy and Amy had to say about us!

“Josh was great videographer. Loved the video! So glad my planner found him!”

Please watch this video below to view a little clip from Timothy and Amy’s first dance at their wedding reception. The wedding reception was at Lighthouse Restaurant  and had a beautiful view over Cedar Lake.


For more information on how you can book JKS Productions for your wedding, please email us at