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Family Portraits | Palos Heights

This week, JKS Productions shot a Family Portrait. The client wanted some shots with the whole family and then shots of just the kids. We had a very sunny day to shoot on which made things a little bit difficult. We are still extremely pleased with how the pictures turned out!

If you are interested in getting family pictures done, you should think of a couple things before you go. You want to make sure that the whole group is wearing the same colors or similar colors. You don’t want one person wearing a yellow and then another wearing a black color. Next you want to come up with shots you know you will like. Once you have a couple picked out, tell the photographer. You will want to show them the picture frame you have in mind so that it will make the job of the photographer easier.

If you would like us to take your Family Portraits, send us an email to

Senior Portraits | Palos Heights

JKS Productions has been insanely busy for the past 3 weeks! We are finally getting the chance to post some of the work we got to do! One of the events we did was another Senior Portraits shoot. It was a beautiful day in Palos Heights and we took advantage of it!

It is so much fun to shoot in the Fall with all of the leaves falling and all of the nice vibrant colors. We are so excited that we had two shoots on the same day to catch the great fall weather. If may be the last time we get that opportunity! If you would like to squeeze in a Fall Photo Shoot, send us a email to