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Family Portraits – August 2010

Is it hard for you to get the whole family dressed up for pictures, then get them posed just right for the shot? While after that, you still have to set the camera up to take the picture in 5 seconds while you hustle to get into the shot. Well, to save you all the hassle, let JKS Productions help you with your Family Portraits! We will help pose the whole group, and take the shots needed! We love to work with kids, and get their fun sides! JKS Productions got the opportunity to take Family Portrait shots, and here are some of the pictures! If you would like us to take your family shots, email us at

Palos Heights Wedding Video | July 2010

JKS Productions is very excited to announce that we have finished the post-production work of John and Chelsey’s Wedding! It has been three weeks since the wedding on July 30th, and we have gotten all the footage edited already! We have put in over 50 hours of editing into this wedding, and it sure has paid off!

We wanted to let all of those Bride and Grooms out there see the footage from the night so you can get an idea of what we can do for your upcoming wedding. Here, you can see a little compilation video of what went on that day! If you would like to see the full DVD, please contact us at and we can make an arrangement. Remember, this is only a 1/4 of the footage! The DVD is over 2 hours long!

Please feel free to leave us a comment! We would love to hear from you!

Senior Portraits – Jordan Von Borstel

JKS Productions has got one more Senior Portraits in the bag! It was a great day to shoot Jordan! We thought rain was going to cancel the shoot, but clouds over head did not rain on us! After about 45 minutes of shooting, the sun started to peer out of the clouds ever so often, which did not help! It was hard for Jordan to keep her eyes open! We went to Lake Katherine, in Palos Heights, IL. Lake Katherine is JKS Productions favorite site to take pictures at. They have a nice lake with a beautiful waterfall! If you are interested in taking pictures here, you can check out our pictures or go to to learn more about it!

Jordan was “on the ball“, and brought more than 4 outfits to wear for this shoot! That makes it a lot better for a photographer. We can have a variety of shots with a variety of wardrobes! If you are planing on a photo shoot soon, you may want to ask the photographer how many changes of clothes you should bring. Some will have a limit to how many outfits, but JKS Productions doesn’t!

Below you will see a couple of the pictures we took of Jordan. You can comment on them, or contact us at if you are interested in a photo shoot!

Senior Portraits – Jason Vander Laan

This week has been a very busy week for us at JKS Productions. We shot Jason’s Senior Portraits on Monday, and had great some weather! There was a chance of rain all day, but with clouds in the sky and no rain, it was a great day for a photo shoot! You may be wondering why a photo shoot on a cloudy day is so great. We love it because the subject will not be squinting in the shots, and the sun is a very different color then our flash on our camera. If we only have the flash as our source of light, it will make everything look so much better!  We went all over to locations we had never been to before, and yet it went amazing! You can check out some of the shots below and let us know if you are interested in us taking your Senior Portraits. You can schedule an appointment by emailing us at

JKS Productions 1st 1,000+ Hit Video!

JKS Productions has uploaded a Music Video to Youtube, and in less than a week (6 days) the video has gotten 1000+ views! That is amazing! Some people wouldn’t even bat an eye at that many, but us at JKS Productions are proud of every single view! We are so blessed to have so many viewers and blessed to have gotten the opportunity to shoot the video for Matt Swaringim. If you would like to know more about Matt, or get a CD from the band, go to or! To help this music video get more hits, watch it and then post it to your Facebook or Twitter! We would appreciate it!

If you would like this Music Video on DVD, please contact us at and we will hook you up!

Vicki Drenth-Senior Portraits

JKS Productions got the opportunity, once again, to take Senior Portraits for a client. It was a hot day, but we managed and got tons of great shots! We went to the Worth Water Filtration Center on Harlem Ave. Neither of us had ever ben there, so it took us a little bit to find places to take the pictures. Once we got on a roll, the pictures started to look beautiful! We continued to take pictures for about an hour and got about 200 pictures total that all look great! When we finished the shoot, we made our way into the studio to edit the pictures. The pictures turned out amazing! Look for yourself below!

If you would like us to take your Senior Portraits, you can contact us at and we will send you more information!

Love. Music Video is Live!

We are very excited to announce that the music video that JKS Productions has been working on for nearly a month, is up and ready to be watched! View it below!

Josh Siegers and Matt Swaringim teamed up to make a music video for one of Matt’s hit singles called Love. This song is available on ITunes Here. Matt has been going all over the US to camps, and having live concerts! He is a great guy and has a great musical talent! If you would like to know more about Matt, you can go to and check out all of his other songs.

You may think that making a music video is very easy, but it takes tons of pre-production work! We had to scout all of out locations before shooting there. You never know what could go wrong! Thankfully, we had nothing go terribly wrong for us! Matt and Josh worked on a script for a week straight prior to shooting, and yet the script changed the day of shooting. All of the changes were for the better though!

If you would like us to make a music video for you, drop us an email at, and we will start planning it!